Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rainbow Album Show and Tell

 This album is constructed from recycled cereal boxes, cardstock and various adhesives.  It is a basic accordion style album.
 Using an ATG adhesive I glued the pleats....like so. 
 Glued pleats.  The space can be more or less between depending on how you choose to score.  The width of the valley allows for embellishments but is not necessary if you do mostly flat pages.  I wasn't sure what I wanted to do so I made my valleys a 1/4 wide.
 Completed accordion, ready and waiting to be installed into the cover.
 I used glue stick to glue together my cereal box pieces.  I used two boxes because the size of my album deemed it necessary to make the larger pieces more ridged.
 All of the cover components.
 I first laid the cardboard out onto the paper pieces of choice and mark around it to make placing them back when all sticky with adhesive easier and much quicker.
 ...and firmly worked. 
 What my outside looks like so far.
 Clip the corners close but not flush to create a nicer corner.
 Now it is time for that accordion pleat insert.  This will be what the pages are adhered to.
 In place, and time to pretty the inside up.  At this moment I do not recall the exact name for the inside of the cover but here you go....
 See, much nicer looking. 
 Now for the page and in this case, pocket page, construction.  I only have foam tape so I cut it down to use on this project.  I also just eyeballed it, since I was getting impatient to move on to the actual fun part.
 using the accordion pleats to anchor my pocket page.  You carefully place the top on and....
 Voila! Six, colorful pocket pages later.
 The base album is completed.
 Ahhh! So bright, too bright.  I actually went around all of the pages with some distress ink for the look I was after.
 My finished album.  I went back and added fun decorative papers and some embellishments as well as made the inserts for those pockets.  The rest of the photos are just a page by page of the album.  Enjoy!

I hope you liked this glimpse into the making of my Rainbow Album.  If you are looking for more exact directions and measurements you can probably find videos online on YouTube.  There are plenty of individuals who love doing those tutorials.  I am not one of them.  If you are like me just seeing these pictures will be enough and if not I highly encourage you to hop onto the net and scope out some videos. 

Everyone have a great and crafty day.