Monday, May 16, 2011

Simple Skirt

Yes, another skirt.  I seem to have enough yardage of each piece of fabric in my stash (most of which was pilfered a while back from my mom's unused stash) to make Remi sized skirts but nothing larger and none of it coordinates or matches and most in my small stash have some form of children's novelty print (Mom must have intended to use them for little munchkin clothes and never got around to it).  Admittedly, I do enjoy making skirts because you don't need a pattern generally, they are quick and so easy to change up the look with a few minor changes here and there.

Although, if I am being honest, I just enjoy sewing without patterns.  I like creating my own and generally I don't even draw them out, just cut directly from the fabric.  I just make sure to have really good measurements for the project idea I have in mind.  I think about all of the pieces I will need, figure out their sizes and cut.  I will draw out paper patterns for my more complex ones or for any part I am going to be cutting more than once.  Unfortunately adult's clothes are a little more complex and I hate dealing with creating slopers for myself so I buy patterns that I can alter to fit. 

I seem to always be making something for Remi and never for Tate but honestly Tate just is too darn little to care and is quite happy running around the house in nothing but a diaper even though she starts the day dressed, within the hour she will be stripped and quite happy about it (she only seems content to be dressed when we are out in public).  So Remi reaps the benefits of Tate's disinterest in clothing.  Plus the fabric the fabric pieces seem to be the perfect amount with little to no leftovers for Remi sized skirts.  I am trying to use up my little stash so that I can comfortably pick up some more (seems silly to buy more when I have some if not exactly what I want at least I am still sewing).

This was really a no pattern necessary skirt.  It has an elastic waist.  The skirt was made from two long rectangles sewn end to end than sewn into a circle.  I used a basting stitch to pull the skirt into the right size to match the brown waist band. The waist band itself is only a few inches larger than Rem's waist which I hid the elastic in.  The waist band was added like bias tape.  The only bummer is that I did not have any brown thread and so had to use black on the brown fabric. 

Brown Bag Mini Journal/Album

Here is a quick look at my latest Brown Bag Mini Journal/Album.  I took five brown lunch bags and alternated bottoms and tops when I put them into a pile before I sewed down the middle to create the basic book.  I then created a cover from some super cute fairy scrapbook paper.   I sewed the cover to the lunch bag book by hand with some needle and thread.  I then went through the book taping down the gusset of the bags near the top openings (optional, but does help to "tighten" up the pages).   At this point your basic album/book is done, all of the fun stuff comes next.

Now that the basic book form and pages are together you simply do whatever the heck you want to it.  I like adding lots of blank white card stock pages cut to fit into the bag openings (perfect little built in pockets).  There are no rules as what you can do or how you can embellish your book.  You can add photos to create an album, you can collage, layer, add more pockets, mini notebooks, blank framed spots for photos, etc.  I seem more inclined to make journal books (that of course you can add your photos to) as I am quite terrible at getting my photos developed. 

I decided with this one that I was going for a cleaner look when the book is closed up.  My last journal/album was more free form with tags, yarns, ribbon, and stuff just sticking out the sides where ever but I found that even though the size was conducive to being portable, as in tucking it into my bag, all of the stuff would be caught or damaged easily.  Though they look super cute with all the dangling odds and ends.   


This here is a toilet paper roll mini journal that I created for a friend.  I did cut out and place white cardstock pages into the rolls themselves for more pages to journal on but I didn't seem to take a picture of this.  That is so like me to forget the last picture.  This is a super easy, fun project where you can recycle those TP rolls. 

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Crocheted Button Cuff

Last night I crocheted up a quick grey wool with white button cuff and today my four year old asked for one of her own.  So I let her pick out some buttons and yarn and proceeded to create a similar cuff for her.  I like hers a lot better than mine honestly.  It may have something to do with all of the random buttons and colors and that hers is wider.

First I strung the buttons onto the yarn using a needle and thread.  Sorry didn't snap a pic of this.  I simply pulled the buttons down the yarn and into place, keeping them all on the same side as I crocheted. 
A bit overexposed but shows my progress.
This is the right before a crocheted two button holes along the left edge and sewed on two white buttons for the closure on the right edge.
Remi modeling her cuff.

Here you can see those two white buttons I've sewn on.
The closure buttons need to be sewn on so that don't flop around and fall out of their button holes as the other buttons were prone to when I tested them on my cuff.  I didn't bother to use matching thread for sewing on the buttons but could have.  Remi was just impatient to put her bracelet on, so I used what ever threaded needle I had which happened to be white.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Remi's New Skirt

I created this skirt from scratch today, for my munchkin.  I created the pattern after getting Remi's measurements.  It actually came out pretty cute. 
Add caption
Back of skirt

Sorry no step by step photos.  It was one thing to allow my daughter to be in my craft/sewing/office space while I was doing this but remembering to take photos when I was trying to sew and keep her out of things was tricky. 

The skirt actually lies flat on her stomach if she isn't pushing it out like she is here.
All I did was flare out from her waist a few inches and made sure to widen the second piece before I cut it.  The second piece was cut in half to make the two front pieces. Basically it is two trapezoids, one wider than the other, which was cut in half to form two pieces for a total of three pieces to make this skirt. I found six matching buttons in my button stash for the closure.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Some Handmade Cards, Envelopes and a Mini Journal

I have been busy with kids and other stuff.  Sorry it has been a little while since my last post.  The husband was TDY which always seems to double my duties.

Here is what I have been working on.  I made twice this many Mother's Day card with envelopes but managed somehow to only remember to snap a picture of every other one before they were closed up and addressed to be mailed off. 

It sure can be challenging to pump out unique cards/envelopes on short notice.  I didn't plan out my time or the cards very well.  I just realized that I had to get them mailed out before a certain date so that they would all get to where they were going before Mother's Day. 

As for the Mini Journal.  This was a complete random inspiration while stuffing bags and foil bag into my kitchen drawer after my youngest had a grand time emptying the drawer.  I looked at the brown bags and thought these need a purpose beyond my drawer. 

I haven't used them since I got a air popper for popcorn and I was thinking that I am sure some crafty person has turned these into a mini journal or album so why can't I.  I didn't have any real plan just that I was going to use them folded in half and away I went with my well loved ATG dispenser, white card stock, ribbons, eyelets, brads, my scrap paper bin and various other embellishments/stickers. 

I really, really had a great time making this mini album/journal.  It didn't even make much of a dent in my scrap paper so I imagine I can make quite a few more since I still have some of those brown lunch bags.

Sorry, I will have to apologize because I didn't even think to take pictures of it in its creation but will try to remember to do that with the next one I make since I am sure I am bound to make a few. 

I used a total of six brown bags.  There are about twenty pull out pages to journal or place a photo on and many more spots to journal and place a photo, note, address or number.  It is crammed full of space for writing stuff down and you can always place business cards or receipts in the pockets along with the journal pages.  It is about 6 x 6 inches, so it can easily be stashed in a purse, or handbag to haul around for all of that important information you just feel you need to have with you.