Monday, May 16, 2011

Simple Skirt

Yes, another skirt.  I seem to have enough yardage of each piece of fabric in my stash (most of which was pilfered a while back from my mom's unused stash) to make Remi sized skirts but nothing larger and none of it coordinates or matches and most in my small stash have some form of children's novelty print (Mom must have intended to use them for little munchkin clothes and never got around to it).  Admittedly, I do enjoy making skirts because you don't need a pattern generally, they are quick and so easy to change up the look with a few minor changes here and there.

Although, if I am being honest, I just enjoy sewing without patterns.  I like creating my own and generally I don't even draw them out, just cut directly from the fabric.  I just make sure to have really good measurements for the project idea I have in mind.  I think about all of the pieces I will need, figure out their sizes and cut.  I will draw out paper patterns for my more complex ones or for any part I am going to be cutting more than once.  Unfortunately adult's clothes are a little more complex and I hate dealing with creating slopers for myself so I buy patterns that I can alter to fit. 

I seem to always be making something for Remi and never for Tate but honestly Tate just is too darn little to care and is quite happy running around the house in nothing but a diaper even though she starts the day dressed, within the hour she will be stripped and quite happy about it (she only seems content to be dressed when we are out in public).  So Remi reaps the benefits of Tate's disinterest in clothing.  Plus the fabric the fabric pieces seem to be the perfect amount with little to no leftovers for Remi sized skirts.  I am trying to use up my little stash so that I can comfortably pick up some more (seems silly to buy more when I have some if not exactly what I want at least I am still sewing).

This was really a no pattern necessary skirt.  It has an elastic waist.  The skirt was made from two long rectangles sewn end to end than sewn into a circle.  I used a basting stitch to pull the skirt into the right size to match the brown waist band. The waist band itself is only a few inches larger than Rem's waist which I hid the elastic in.  The waist band was added like bias tape.  The only bummer is that I did not have any brown thread and so had to use black on the brown fabric. 

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