Thursday, May 12, 2011

Crocheted Button Cuff

Last night I crocheted up a quick grey wool with white button cuff and today my four year old asked for one of her own.  So I let her pick out some buttons and yarn and proceeded to create a similar cuff for her.  I like hers a lot better than mine honestly.  It may have something to do with all of the random buttons and colors and that hers is wider.

First I strung the buttons onto the yarn using a needle and thread.  Sorry didn't snap a pic of this.  I simply pulled the buttons down the yarn and into place, keeping them all on the same side as I crocheted. 
A bit overexposed but shows my progress.
This is the right before a crocheted two button holes along the left edge and sewed on two white buttons for the closure on the right edge.
Remi modeling her cuff.

Here you can see those two white buttons I've sewn on.
The closure buttons need to be sewn on so that don't flop around and fall out of their button holes as the other buttons were prone to when I tested them on my cuff.  I didn't bother to use matching thread for sewing on the buttons but could have.  Remi was just impatient to put her bracelet on, so I used what ever threaded needle I had which happened to be white.

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