Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Remi's New Skirt

I created this skirt from scratch today, for my munchkin.  I created the pattern after getting Remi's measurements.  It actually came out pretty cute. 
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Back of skirt

Sorry no step by step photos.  It was one thing to allow my daughter to be in my craft/sewing/office space while I was doing this but remembering to take photos when I was trying to sew and keep her out of things was tricky. 

The skirt actually lies flat on her stomach if she isn't pushing it out like she is here.
All I did was flare out from her waist a few inches and made sure to widen the second piece before I cut it.  The second piece was cut in half to make the two front pieces. Basically it is two trapezoids, one wider than the other, which was cut in half to form two pieces for a total of three pieces to make this skirt. I found six matching buttons in my button stash for the closure.

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