Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Little Mistakes Do Not Ruin A Page

Here is a simple page I completed today.  Basic paper cutting and tearing were all that I did.   No fancy embellishments, just a quick, clean and simple page with one minor mistake in my hand written note. 
Does this bother me? Sure, I am definitely anal enough that it does.  Will I fix it? No.  Why? Because I feel any fix would probably be more visible than the mistake and because I like to think that this is why we take the time to Scrapbook, to put a bit of us, our reality and all its glorious moments and mistakes down for others to enjoy.  It just adds to the charm, right? Sure.  Nothing is perfect.  It is complete ownership of our mistakes and our ability to learn from them or our acceptance of those mistakes that make us more complete people.  Of course this just may be how I feel about mistakes and failures in general.  I rarely see them as bad more often as a challenge to do better or a lesson learned in something not to do again.  So I flubbed when I wrote transforms and had to make that first s look like an n....or sort of, but my page isn't ruined and I've learned that next time I hand write something on a Scrapbook page that I should slow down and take time to possibly avoid minor mistakes like this. 

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