Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kindles and Water DO NOT Mix.

This post isn't at all related to crafts but I needed to vent.  My husband is deployed and our communication is limited and terrible at best. 

This evening I left my two girls in front of the TV watching a kid's movie while I went to use the bathroom.  My Kindle was happily ensconced in its cover resting up on the mantle of the fireplace well out of my little ones reach.  Well, my youngest is a climber and quite the problem solver.  She apparently used a stool and a chair to climb up and get my Kindle down.  She then proceeded to remove its case and took it with her to the bathroom to give it a bath.  I have no idea why she felt my Kindle needed to be bathed but she did it, all the while my older daughter is busy doing her best to ignore her and what it is she is doing. 

I came out of my bathroom and down the hall past the kids bathroom and found my younger daughter bent over the tub with the water running.  I then noticed she was soaping my Kindle and putting it under the faucet to get the bubbles rinsed off.  Honestly, I snapped.  I grabbed my Kindle from her, screamed at the top of my lungs at her, and proceeded to desperately try to revive an otherwise dead Kindle. 

It took all of thirty seconds for me to realize the futility of my actions.  I can not pull my Kindle apart no matter how much I try so that I can allow it to dry out.  All I can do is shake it (possibly causing more damage) to try and get some of the water out. At this point both of my daughters death warrants have been signed.  I the judge, jury and executioner was on a rampage.  I did paddle the main offender, try to explain why what she did was so wrong and sentenced her to the rest of the evening in bed.  As for her older sibling, she got a paddling as well after it was confirmed that she was aware that her sister had climbed up, got my Kindle and then proceeded to drown it and was also sentenced to spending the rest of her night in bed for not taking any action towards notifying me of this heinous crime in action.  

I have never been so furious with my children nor so sad at the loss of an inanimate object.  I actually cried, not sure if it was for me, the Kindle or the punishment I doled out on my children but it was an emotional and hard moment for me.  I do know that it doesn't help to have my husband, help mate and best friend deployed at a time when I could have really used some his inane jokes to liven the moment and relieve some of the tension. 

Sometimes the joys of motherhood really are not enough to keep me from wanting to throw in the towel and give my two weeks notice.  Being a Mom is hard, being a good Mom is even more difficult and I have to give props to single moms and mothers with more than two.  How do you do it?

I am saddened by the loss of my Kindle and more saddened by the reality that I cannot afford to replace it anytime soon.  I had plans for my Kindle tonight.  I was going to wind down after I put the girls down with a good story, now it will just be me in the king size bed, boiling over with frustration, anger, and self pity, struggling to fall asleep. 

The reality of motherhood is far different from what is touted.  It is not all hugs and kisses but sometimes the death of a Kindle and having to dole out fitting punishment.

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  1. :( Oh the joys of motherhood are right! Hang in there, girlie! We all to through it! *hugs*