Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Altered Book in progress.

Okay, it has been a while.  Longer than I thought since I last posted but here is something new.

I took an old Calculus book (and it is really old.  Printed in '80) that I have had lying around and decided to alter it.  It is a really good sized book with tons of potential as a journal/album/collage art book.  
I cut out all but a quarter of the pages leaving about a 1/4 inch of the pages near the spine so that I can add in other paper pages if I want to.  I then painted it a sand white color with some acrylic paint. 
It is necessary to take out so many pages because as you alter/paint the ones left or add others the book will bulk right back up.

See how I cut out random chunks of the pages.  I did this through out the entire book.

I glued groups of three or four pages together to make thicker, tougher pages to paint/collage/alter.

All the pages glued.  This took a while.  Okay quite a while.  
 After I completed all of the demo and prep work I decided to create a pocket to fill an extra big section of cut out pages in my book and to add a spot where items, pictures and interesting things can be stored until added. 

 It was just a simple measure the space and book to determine how big to create the pocket then cut, fold and adhere together, distress it some with ink and affix it into the book.
This is the big missing page gap I filled with the pocket.

Book with pocket in it.
 This is where everything gets more fun.  I created a closure with ribbon and pony beads.  I just punched a hole in the center at the edge of the front and back covers with my Big Bite and used the ribbon with the beads glued securely to the ends.  I also began the altering process. 
 As I plan to gift this book/album/journal when it is finished.  I am leaving it pretty basic so that the recipient can further contribute to the over all look of the book.
Back inside cover.

I have been going through and giving a generic base paint in various colors throughout the book to ready the pages that are not patterned paper inserts to create a base from which to work. 
 I didn't worry if the paint gave full coverage or not since some of the charm comes from the book being an old calculus book. 
Added some patterned card stock and paper.  You can also see the pocket here.

Really simple outside and front cover.  There is room for the recipient to still do more of course but if they choose not to it still looks finished. 
The red dye as it dried into the sand colored acrylic took on a softer more pink hue...which bummed me out but still looks nice.

I am about half way through base painting the interior calc pages and inserting the patterned paper.  I plan to put some mats, tags, and pockets for tags and notes in on random pages.  I will probably write out a few questions and leave space to answer them.  But for the most part this book will need its owner to really bring it to life. 


  1. I love the butterfly on the front! What a great way to recycle an old textbook - we've got a few of those lying around that could use some prettying up :)

  2. Oh, thanks. Cut it out on my Pazzles. I am having so much fun creating this and already have plans for a second old Calculus book that is lying around. I love arts and crafts.

  3. Ooh, what a great project! I love 3-D/alteration projects, but I'm so lazy to create them. *lol*