Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Yarn Wreath

I decided to try my hand at a yarn wreath.  I found a wicker/wood 18 inch wreath for a buck at a dollar store and then went from there.  I have seen so many different kinds of wreaths but the ones that I really thought were pretty neat are the yarn ones. 

Okay, so my wreath is a braided wood something or other wreath that is not quite round as it is made from natural materials but I figured, what the heck, it can't hurt if my Autumn wreath is a little wonky.  It will only add to the handmade appeal (or so I tell myself). 

I can never find large foam wreath forms and what I do find generally isn't very cheap.  I often wonder where people find their wreath making supplies without breaking the bank (their budgets are obviously larger than


The supplies are simple.

You will need a wreath form and apparently according to me it can be any crazy shape you want.
You will need batting.  You can pick up batting for cheap from Wally's (Walmart) for about six bucks.  The crib size will do several wreaths easily. 
You will need yarn of your choice.  One skein about 360 yards long was more than enough and I wrapped an 18 inch wreath.
Also a hot glue gun and glue sticks.  Oh, if you are using a foam form your glue and glue gun will need to either be low temp so as not to melt it or some Tacky glue (quick dry would be best).

I used to strips of batting about four inches wide and the length of the sheet of batting.  You start by hot gluing one end of your batting to your wreath form and evenly wrap it around, adding more batting by gluing it on where the last one ended, until you have evenly covered the wreath.  The batting adds a little more mass to the wreath.  It also makes your wreath more uniform if say it is a wood one like mine was.

Once you have your batting on, you can glue the start of your yarn to your wreath and begin wrapping.  I can't say as how long this will take because your wreath size, how tightly and quickly you wrap, and the type of yarn you use will determine this.  I just wrapped on and off throughout the day as chores and kids allowed.  It seemed to go pretty quickly.

I have yet to decide on my embellishments or even to purchase them.  That is for another day, maybe one in September, after I hit up Joanns or Micheals.  I am quite happy with my wreath so far.  It looks organic and with the batting and being wrapped it isn't as obvious that the circle isn't true.  I think once the embellishments (maybe a bird and some fall leaves and berries) get put on, it won't be noticable at all.

I realize I am notoriously bad at taking photos until I am a good deal into my projects.  I may have to start leaving my camera out in my craft space so it can be a reminder.  Ahhh, the bare wreath wasn't anything special, just a typical braided wood wreath.  I am not even sure what type of wood as the tag did not say. 

My wonky wreath in progress.  I think it will look great when it is fully embellished.

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  1. Oh, I love the fall colors of the wreath. Can't wait to see it finished. And I am a "wonky" lover too:):)