Monday, August 15, 2011

Attempt at Bling-age on my 12x12

Exhibit A.  I feel like there is just too much background showing. 
 Okay so me and messy, blingy, loaded pages just do not seem to get along.  I love the look but find it very hard to achieve as I am super clean and a neat freak at times.  This is my most recent attempt at achieving that look.... and it is okay but obviously still in need of work.
Trying to add some texture with thread...mmmmhh.

The butterflies and frame were actually cut from the cover of the Mariposa Stack by DCWV and gems added.

some button embellies
I think the overall page would have been much cooler if I had an 8x8 piece of my large white with french something or other on it page as a base under everything including the two butterfly strips of paper but it was a random print off that I have had lying around that I thought looked neat.  I had to work with what I had. 

I guess this page will just live as it is and I will try again.  It isn't terrible but not the look I really ultimately wanted. 

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