Saturday, August 27, 2011

Many Flips Envelope Album

My first attempt.  I am figuring out how to do this.  This is a demo one, hence the cheap-o stickers and construction paper.  It still turned out cute but there are some minor technical things I would have to address like the exact folds and leaving enough room for expansion when the decorative paper is added so as not to split the seams. 

It would be easier to fully get the idea of how it works, I imagine, in person.

Flipping it open by opening the front cover to the right will get you this.

Open to the right and you get the pink.

Open to the left and you will get the main orange section.

The back

Opening the main orange section.

If you flip over the main orange section opened you will see it like this.

Opening the back orange by pulling the short ones to the front will look like this.

The back looks like this if you just lift the two short orange flaps.
I hope that wasn't too confusing.  As for a tutorial, maybe another day.

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