Thursday, July 26, 2012

Blogging...does not reflect the reality of my craft madness.

I really should blog more.  I am prolific in crafting and not just scrapbook pages.  I create albums, cards, Project Life type cards (funny since I don't do PL), crochet, some knitting, sewing (I love sewing, fabric and trims really can be quite expensive so I leave sewing mostly to specific projects or mending), 3D paper craft art, painting, random home decor projects, etc...  I just don't take the time to snap pictures of all of my projects or even better to blog about them. 

However, I realize that my blog would be more interesting with a continuous influx of craft goodness but with as much as my day generally entails with small children, household chores and stolen moments with my Kindle and crafting in the those odd bits between everything else, blogging my projects really is last on my list of things to do.  I am continually doing something and find it rather amazing those that can do all that I've mentioned and blog with photos regularly.  Where do they get the energy, time or the inspiration so their blog doesn't become a stale repetitive cyclone of their crafting madness?

If you are a blogger, how do you go about keeping your blog fresh, interesting, and stay inspired to do it ALL on a regular basis? I would love to hear about it. :)

On a random side note.  My kids and I found a huge dinner plate sized mushroom in the yard today.  :)

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