Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Adventures.

Okay, so it has been a super long time since I last posted and if I recall I have managed to max out my photo allotment (I'll have to double check this) and if this is the case my blog will become more a vehicle of written expression then a showcase of how to and look-see here, but I do have some exciting news.

My life has been in flux for a bit now with a move not only out of state but across an ocean.  I have yet to receive my household goods so my crafty space is as of yet a barren wasteland of hardwood wannabe laminate and potential.

In the mean time, I wanted to connect more with other creative individuals and so inspiration hit.  Facebook; It is the perfect vehicle for sharing, inspiring, and challenging others from a creative perspective.  Having decided on the where to connect, I then determined the how.

I have created not only a group but a page on Facebook for such an adventure.  It's brand new, and just at fifty members, but hopefully growing.  Already we've got a jewelry artist, a couple of individuals that draw and do digital art, some scrapbookers, paper crafters, a quilter/sewer, and seamstress, and various other individuals whose creative work will add to our environment of diverse talent.

The group is aimed at creating, sharing, inspiring, and challenging each other.  With this basic premise we encourage everyone to create their own personal album that they can upload their work to for sharing purposes.  For the challenges,  various events, or albums are created with a topic and parameters for the challenge and as a place to upload specific completed challenge works to.  Challenges are encouraged but voluntary and with all albums they can be created by the members.

We have one album set up for inspiration; it's purpose is a place for members to add all things that inspire them as a sort of catch all of inspirational imagery. 

Overall the environment is meant to be member driven and created.  A place to share, inspire, be inspired, challenge and be challenged.  We encourage all types of creative, crafty, artistic individuals to join and help us grow this community of like minded people wanting to generate a cycle of creative inspiration and work.

Please come and check us out if this resonates with you, but if it doesn't maybe you know someone that it will.  Encourage creativity, positivity and growth (Ha! that made me almost sound like a hippy).

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