Monday, September 12, 2011

My Memories Suite Review

I received and installed my digital copy of My Memories Suite on the 29th of August and have spent the last two weeks getting to know this program and ALL that can be done with it and I am impressed. 

There really is so much you can do beyond a simple scrapbook page with this software but  before I get ahead of myself let’s get back to my first few hours learning to use the program and what I created. 

I decided to start simple and create a basic 12x12 scrapbook page just to get a handle on it because with all new programs that we get there is always that learning curve.  I was pleasantly surprised with how user friendly the interface is and how easy and quick it was for me to explore and pick up the use of the software. 
This page was super quick to make once I knew where to look for things and how to use the software.  I exported it to JPEG to turn it into a strictly image file but could have created an interactive page by embedding some sound, like waves or me narrating, and then turning it into an ISO file.  The program really does the work, you just follow the prompts once you've selected what you want to do.

Although coming from a traditional scrappers point of view it can be pretty frustrating at first maneuvering your embellishments and page elements around and making them what you want. 

My tip….don’t think of this as scrapbooking because it really isn’t.  If you have ever played with Gimp Inkscape , Adobe Illustrator or any other image manipulation program then that is the mind frame you want. 

Okay, so you can’t do most of those cool graphics things in this program but the concept is similar.  You build your pages a layer at a time.  You have backgrounds, photos, text, embellishments, shapes, video, multimedia, music, and narration to work from to create your albums, story books, digital slide shows, interactive pages, and much more to send off for printing, book binding, exporting, emailing, burning to disk, etc…  The possibilities really are as limited as your imagination. 

This really is a great addition for your tool arsenal.  I've used it a few times just to print out embellishments for my traditional scrapbooking but the really cool thing about this software is that it isn’t a file snob, like so many programs out there, the file type isn’t proprietary.  It is just your average PNG file.  Which means you can create your own content using one of your nifty programs and import your creations into My Memories.

 For example you could use Gimp to create some embellishments or backgrounds and then use them in the program to build your “Day at the Park” story book with your children as the characters and when you complete your awesome personalized children’s book you can export it for printing and binding or, say, you want that children’s book to be a digital iPod ready book…you can do that too or even make that book interactive, burn it to a disc and mail it to family. 

Have I got the point across that this software has TONS of potential and will be what you make of it.  Oh, did I mention that it is user friendly.  There are also some tutorials online on if you need a little more guidance on using this software.  I believe the woman who created the tutorials is simply an avid user of the software and is not affiliated with My Memories.    Her channel is pinktoque, but it is easier to look up the tutorials by searching videos for My Memories Suite.

I know that the My Memories Suite software seems geared mostly to scrapbookers with all of the content that you can buy directly from the shop, some of which is free, but don’t let that fool you.  This software is capable of much more than creating a simple scrapbook or digital photo album.  I think as a blogger or someone with a website this could add so much more to your page content.  With this programs ability to embed videos and music, add links and files as hot spots directly on your page for others to interact with and how easy it is to do, well, you see where I am going. 

As a way to create some seriously awesome and personal gifts this really is a great tool too.  I admit this will not replace my traditional scrapbooking.  I just enjoy playing with paper, scissors and glue too much for that to ever happen but I am super excited about all of the interactive capabilities this software has and as a resource for ideas for pages…this really can’t be beat.

If you are interested in finding out more about My Memories Suite software and what all they have to offer, please check out their sites.

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