Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Some Completed 12x12 Pages

Lately all I have felt like scrapbooking are pictures of my husband, which isn't too surprising I guess, as he is currently deployed.  I have a tendency to skip around when I scrapbook.  Nothing is done chronologically or with any real theme, but this time I seem to have picked up a theme and the theme is my husband. 

Here are some of my recent completed scrapbook 12x12 layouts.  About a weeks worth.  Might have been more except the weather was pretty frightening for a few days there and we stayed hunkered down watching children's movies in my room.

The red eight point stars are made out of circles.  Actually you normally make like 10-14 of these suckers and put them together to create a polish star ornament.  I thought they looked pretty cool just used individually. 

I have no idea why I decided my sun should be green but it is. :)

Went crazy rounding corners on this one.  Not something I normally do as I don't have a special tool for it but with some good measuring, a ruler, protractor and compass I made a template  all those corners came out just about the same.  Should have thought of the template sooner. 

There I go, adding crochet into my layouts again.  This was actually a really fun page where I didn't worry to much about being straight or perfect.
I hope you find something to inspire you today and took some time for yourself to create something.

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