Monday, October 3, 2011

5 New 12x12 Layouts Completed

Remi showing off her crocheted earrings that I made her.
I completed some layouts.  Just thought I would share.  This first one of my oldest munchkin is on DCWV Colorful Life card stock. I mix and match my brands for everything and I have no rules but if you are interested in anything in particular feel free to ask. 

 This next one was a family day.  I believe on Easter morning, before we dyed the eggs, we chose to wash the car.  It was a super fun day though a challenging layout to get so many pictures on to it.
 This layout here is mostly me diving into my scrap bin of paper/card stock and pulling out all the different blues until I found a couple that I thought worked well together.  The scrap bin is probably my number one stop when I start a new layout.  I like to pic out papers and then find photos that will go with what I like but I don't always do this.  The first layout I actually had the photos that I wanted to scrapbook and then I hunted for the paper to go with them.  It all comes down to my mood, really, on how and why I do any of it.  But back to this layout.  I used Glossy Accents to trace over the silver written letters on the banner to give them more dimension.  I love playing with that stuff.  It makes for some unique personalized bits for projects.
This layout came out nothing like I first planned.  I had pulled the paper and a couple of piles of pics that I was having a hard time choosing from and voila the pocket idea came about to allow me to use all of the pictures that I had pulled. 

 All of the loose pictures have journaling on the back of them.  Interactive pages are always fun if kind of tricky to put into protectors.
This one was great.  The page did all of the work.  I really only had to add the pictures.  I don't tend to like these types of pages much as I actually find them hard to use and this one in particular I have been trying to use for about six months now.  Well, it is now used.  Thank goodness for that. I really don't know why I find slap and go pages difficult.  It may be that I am just not sure how to add my personality to them to make them my own but hey, give me a blank page and I can run forever on it. 

I will be the first to admit that I don't always love every page I make but I do enjoy making all of them.  I learn something every time I create something new and the process of creating allows me to unwind and just be myself.

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