Thursday, October 13, 2011

Life is Hectic

Life is hectic.  September was a month from hell where everything that could go wrong did and unfortunately there is still a lot of fall out that needs to be dealt with and I just don't seem to have the motivation it takes, nor the energy needed to get it done. 

I have been suffering from fatigue for months now and the problem seems to have grown worse.  Hopefully after my up coming doctor's appointment I can begin to get back on track (because hopefully we will have figured out the issue and addressed it.) and be able deal with the remnants of last month that are still in need of being dealt with. 

I have to admit that this deployment has been by far the worst ever.  I will be so glad when the new year rolls around and my husband can come home.  I don't enjoy being the one solely in charge of EVERYTHING.  Didn't mind it before kids but with kids and being perpetually exhausted lately it is extremely overwhelming. 

Life is just starting to settle back down to the familiar we knew before September and I would just as soon it stays settled, but we all know that isn't how life works.  Hopefully, I will regain my energy and motivation and be up and running with everything back to normal in no time.


  1. Oh yes, I do know all about life being hectic. Hang in there, it will get better:)

  2. Shara, I didn't know that you were feeling so exhausted. I am soooo sorry. I know how hard it is to do it all alone. I hope that the doctors are able to figure it out and get it taken care of. Hopefully it will be something minor to treat. Again, I wish we were closer so I could help you. Let me know how things go. Good luck. Love you.

  3. Crud, crud. I'm sorry - it does seem like when we desperately need a break, life throws you a crap "party". I'm sure the doctor's will figure something out (they should, they're paid enough!) and you'll get some energy back. Only 2 more months til the hubs is home, right? Keep holding on!