Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Quick Mini Album and some 12x12 pages

 I will start off by saying I never make mini albums for myself, they always end up as gifts.  Last night, however, I decided to create a super quick one for all of my DEPLOYMENT DROP photos.  These were pictures taken on the day the girls and I dropped my husband and another troop off at their squadron to deploy back in July. I just couldn't  seem to decide which ones to scrapbook so they all ended up in this mini instead.
 The base of this mini is actually a cereal box cut down to size. 
 A peak at the inside.  You can see the pocket I created to put all of the photos I chose not to mount on the main pages.  Great way to get them all in there with out the pressure of actually mounting them.
 A quick look inside.
 My journaling. 
 The pocket.
 Top view of the pocket with those pictures in it.
 The album all layed out.  Each page has a picture on both the front and the back and two pages slip into one of the accordian folds that I eyeleted together to create a small pocket.  They fit snug, so there is no worry that they will just fall out.  I have seen this accordian pleat pocket used on many different albums and in many variations.  Accordian pleats are not new nor is it a new idea to use them like pockets. So, I will not give any one person credit as that would be silly considering how often I have seen forms of this one idea. 

Originally I had planned to create some stationary (non removable pages) in with the accordian pleat pockets but I just got lazy and wanted to get this album done.  It all worked out though. 

Okay here are a few 12x12 pages. 

 I like pockets.

 This one is nice and simple. 
That is all for now folks.

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