Friday, April 20, 2012

In a Day Mini album

Okay, I went craft crazy yesterday and made a seriously easy and SUPER cute mini album if I do say so myself, and I do.  :)  I had so much fun making all of the different sized/shaped pages I definitely know for sure that I will be making more of these.  I may go on a mini album binge. 

Warning this is in a picture for all of the pages and me blabbing about them long, so to shorten your agony if you really don't care about the details, skip to the bottom.  

I used a mix of papers but mostly from the Nana's Kitchen and Whimsy stack by DCWV.  This mini would be a great use of scrap paper.

 All of the various pages bound together before I put the cover on.  I simply used small eyelets in all of the pages to have a place to thread (with a threaded needle) through white embroidery floss.  Super easy and the repeated opening and closing of the pages won't pull the thread through the paper with time due to the eyelets. 
 This first page is a matchbook style page.  It allows the recipient to stick a note or picture inside and close it up. 
 This page is actually a piece of scrap from the Madly in Love stack by DCWV backed with some purple cardstock.
 Hand written LOVE and some stamping with embellies, nothing fancy.
 This page I actually divided to created two pockets for the slide out pages and it is the one page I managed to put the eyelets on backwards...LOL!
 Side pocket and pull out page for journaling.
 Large pocket page.
 Basic white cardstock pullout with some sharpie color.
 Used a little scrap to create a journal/photo spot.

 Large page for photos and more journaling.

 Pocket page, front and back. 

 Full page pocket page with tags.
 Tag fronts.
 Tag backs.
 The back of the full size pocket page with a mini 3 page notepad.  Blue scrap piece with button flower for journaling.
 Another pocket with Card.
 Decorated paper clip
 Inside the blank card.

 Page of many circles, both sides are the same.
 They can be extended out.
 Air Plane page, inside, and back.
 Next large page with close up of the tags for small info.
 Back of the large page and the Heart page with random mustache detail.
 The little tag pulls out of the larger one and can be written on.
 The back of the tag.
Back of the Heart page and the last full size page.
 and the last page which is a card page with pocket and insert.
 Inside the insert.  :)
 Inside the card.
 The back of the last page.
 My cover before I added it.
 Complete Mini, front view.
 Back with with maker tag.

 View of the spine.
Finally, I told you it was going to be a ton of photos.  The mini book all closed up with the ribbon. 
I love, love how this mini came together, how easy it was and how super fun it was changing up all of the pages.  A beginner could definitely pull this off.

Get out there and be active and if you prefer a more sedate pace, craft, use your hands and brain.  :) 

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