Monday, April 9, 2012


I've been keeping busy scrapping my recent prints. 
As usual my scrapping style is mood dictated and all over the place.  If you have any questions just ask.

All of the pictures in these 12x12 pages are from this year.  I am trying to print out photos every month and scrap them to keep up.  I got a few months behind though with family trips.

  I don't often use any type of spray, mostly because I can't stand the curl that is inevitably going to occur to my page. You can see the curl but not the shimmer from the silver glimmer mist stuff I sprayed all over it.  It looks really neat in person though.  I'll have to keep this page pressed flat for a while to see if that flattens out those curling edges.
This page is made solely from scrap papers.  I try to use up as much of my paper as possible.  Saves money and makes me be more creative with what I've got.
 This was a fun and different page for me.  I actually created a piece of paper lace and a pinwheel, used tulle and stamped on the background paper.  I do foresee having to fully flatten the pinwheel when I put it in a scrapbook but for now it's fine and looks great.  I really like how this page came out but it was challenging for me.
I am trying to teach myself to relax and just let things be.  I stress about the little things and am using scrapbooking as my therapy to control my OCD tendencies.  I do know that very little is REALLY in my control but I sure do like to feel like it is.

Keep crafty people and just let things BE.

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