Saturday, April 23, 2011

Butter Tub Easter Basket 2 - The Sewn Version

Okay, I created an Easter basket using a butter tub and crochet for my younger daughter because I thought I was short an Easter Basket.  Well turns out I was short both Easter baskets since I can not recall where I stashed the one good one. 

My older daughter was thrilled to hear the news that I was going to have to quickly whip her up an Easter basket.  She immediately told me she didn't want hers to be like her sister Tate's but that I needed to sew her basket. 

Okay, bossy elder child of mine.  So I went scrounging through my meager fabric and trim stash and found some super cute animal print flannel and some white ruffled trim and using a butter tub as a base and created a really simple and cute Easter basket that looks entirely different from the first one. 

I always seem to be saving all sorts of close-able containers as long as I can think of two immediate ideas on how to reuse it, other wise it goes into the recycling/garbage bin.  I don't just keep things I think I can reuse, I have to have an actual idea and need in mind because I sure don't like clutter and I definitely don't want to become some crazy hoarder or garbage.

This basket was really easy to sew up, and stitch onto the butter tub.  I punched holes at the top just like I did to the first tub I created.

Hope you like it.  I sure do love sewing on my new machine.  So much nicer than that old mechanical Singer that the timing kept needing to be reset.


  1. Very cool! I tried to make something like that for Lily for Halloween last year, but it didn't end up NEAR as cute as yours. What new machine did you get? I know you had to return your embroider-er... *boo*

  2. I kept the machine,a Bernina 440 QE, but returned the embroidery module and software that was part of the original package because we could never get the software to work properly.

    Saved a grand just by returning it. I guess it was just not meant to be. I may look into an embroidery machine in the distant future, but definitely will get a serger first.

    Ah! Why do you have to live so far away (ha ha! as if I can talk, since we both ended up way outside of Utah)?