Thursday, April 14, 2011

Salvaging a New Dress

We purchased this cute purple dress not even a week ago for my four year old and not even a week later she had ruined it by getting gum stuck on it, not telling me, stuffing it into the laundry where of course the gum went unnoticed and was consequently washed indefinitely into the fabric.  Luckily it ruined this clothing item only and nothing else in the load. 
Horrible fused gum blob/mess.

I was pretty sad as she had only worn this new dress of hers once.  While carrying it to the trash I was contemplating another sewing project and got the idea to salvage this one by chopping the top off and making a skirt since the gum only effected the top of the otherwise salvageable dress.  So I went ahead and cut off the damaged shirt portion leaving enough to create a new waist line hem and leave some of the purple and black striped fabric.  I then salvaged the tulle rose from the top have of the garment, tossed the top, pinned and proceeded with my salvage job. 
I used a rotary cutter and went to town.
Removed tulle flower.
Salvaged tulle flower.

Right before I sewed it up, sewed the flower on and tacked it to fit my skinny kids waist.
I did try taking a picture of my four year old running around in her new/salvaged skirt but she wouldn't stand still.  It looks super cute, and you would never know that it was once a dress.


  1. It is super cute indeed, and how creative of you to salvage it:):) Great job!

  2. what a great turned out soooo cute!

    enjoy *~*

  3. Good job salvaging it! It looks even cuter now!

  4. Wow! That's really a good idea.. I do have some projects waiting in line... Im actuallying working on a skirt to become a dress lol.. But I'm so busy cooking stuffs lately so I still haven't gotten around to finishing it.. I hope you'll be able to check it out once I have it posted. :-)

  5. Cherrey I would love to see the skirt when you get around to it and Thanks.