Saturday, April 9, 2011

What 2 do and Questions for U

So I will be blogging a how-to on a scarf to shrug in the future but that is on hold like our paycheck because I do not have any yarn I would like to use to do this or an already made scarf that would be suitable.  Military LES will be a week or so behind so in the mean time I am trying to think of some great ideas that won't involve me purchasing some new yarn.  I have mostly yarn not really suitable to clothing, as in acrylic.  

Nothing wrong with acrylic for accessories like hats and scarves, small items, and toys but as a rule I try to steer clear of it when I make clothing items unless my child insists on some crazy bright color that for whatever reason seems only to be made in an acrylic yarn. I probably have an irrational fear of flames and acrylic yarn but it is something I just can't get past.  Funny too since I spent a good deal of time crocheting up a huge bright afghan for my daughter but she is not allowed to sleep with it on her bed at night.  That darn irrational fear of mine. 

I have been scouring the internet lately trying to find some awesome local yarn carries here in the Florida Panhandle around Eglin AFB but really having a hard time finding anything besides big box places.  May just have to spend a day driving around and hope I stumble upon one or head to Pensacola.  Not looking forward to that.  I am not a shopper and really would prefer to know exactly where I am going and what I am looking for (as in what they carry). 

All of this talk of yarn has made me curious.  What type of yarn do you prefer? Weight, color, or texture preference? Do you hoard yarns, shop as needed, or keep a specific supply on hand? Do you keep multiple sets of hooks/needles or simply switch out for each project? How many WIPs do you have on average or are you more like me and prefer to finish one project before you start a new one (though at the moment I do have one WIP I could be working on but it doesn't even need to be finished for almost a year)? How do you organize your WIPs? Do you organize your yarn? Where/when do you create?  Do you have a certain process you go through each time you create?  What do you do with your left over yarn, and swatches? Sorry, that was a barrage of questions. 

Maybe I will pull out that WIP since right now I seem to be in a pickle and not able to move on to that next project I would like to do.  I would really love to hear about your YARN and ALL.  

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