Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Unique Twist on Scrapbook Embellishments

So I did something today I have been debating for a while.  I listed my crocheted embellishments.  You may wonder what is so special about that.  Well, I have never seen embellishments like I crochet listed, not to say that you can't find some crocheted ribbon, flowers, or items like that but specifically ones created with scrapbooking in mind.

I know now that I have put this idea out there, that there will be a million and one crocheters to jump on my bandwagon.  Which is fine, but really sucky from a sales and uniqueness point of view.  I want to be the only one who offers embellishments like this even though that is an impossible thought and very unrealistic.  I do feel that ideas are to an extent copied by others and I know I have done this as well but when I know I am the first to actually list something like this on Etsy I do want the credit for it

I know this is a great idea.  I have been struggling with sharing it for a long while now.   I also know that it would probably be beneficial to the scrapbook community if more people took up this idea because it would equal more variety.  It is just hard to part with my baby, my idea.

How to cope when you know that someone is going to in a sense jack your idea and possibly profit from it when you are trying to profit from it yourself? I don't have the answer.

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