Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Remi's Dolly

So a few months back now, I created this doll, she is to be a Christmas gift for a friends' daughter.
I found that after creating this doll it somehow become my job as mommy to create all sorts of dolls for my daughters recently.

This is my current work in progress, designed by my four year old.  She was very specific about her doll being fat bodied with skinny arms and legs, buttons for eyes and a pink sewn on mouth. Oh! Also, she must have purple hair.  So I have been working with my daughter on this doll of hers for a couple of weeks now.  She helped me create the pattern, choose the fabric, stuff the doll which she graciously said I could sew by myself, choose the buttons, and embroider the mouth (that took some serious patience on my part to not simply tell her to just let me do it). 
So now I am in the process of crocheting up some clothes that can't be stripped off the doll.  Since my oldest doesn't want her little sister, who has a penchant for naked dolls, to denude her dolly.  This is how far we have gotten to date.

Since this is a doll for my older daughter, it is her job to help me as much as she can.  She hasn't quite gotten the hang of crocheting yet, though she sure does try and creates some seriously spectacular knots in the process. So for the most part she just tells me how to do what she wants done.  LOL! She really does know how to boss you around though.

As for the dolls purple hair, it will have to wait until after a run to buy yarn.  I do not currently have any purple yarn on hand, which is odd, but does occasionally happen.  My daughters are prone to purchasing me neon bright yarns, and any yarns that are purple and pink when birthdays and holidays role around.  Since they both know mommy likes yarn.

I will update you all later on the progress Remi and I make on her doll.

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