Sunday, April 3, 2011

Creating the Alien Chicken Monster Doll

I had this great Candy Print Red Heart yarn that my four year old had given me for Christmas that I had yet to play with.  I was pushing my Christmas yarns around in their box wondering what I could make that would be different from all the other WIPs I have going. 

It isn't new for me to create monster dolls.  I crochet them, sew them, draw them and often at the request of one of my young children or a family member or friend.  I was just looking for a new project that would be relatively quick to complete.

The idea sort of came out of no where.  I simply picked the yarn I wanted to work with from my Christmas box and began crocheting, not even really with anything in mind except that is was starting with a circle and away I went. 

My daughters had plenty of input and suggestions for me along the way, some helpful, most not but it is always fun to connect with them through what I am doing and especially fun to see how much they really like my creation and feel that they helped me create it.

I feel my my Alien Chicken Monster Doll came along quite well.  The name is courtesy of my four year old.  She has a fondness for naming all of the monster dolls I create but only gives them a generic name unless she gets to keep them.  So this doll is definitely child approved, both my four year old and my two year old love it, in fact my two year old ran off with is doing some strange clucking noise.  I guess her interpretation of what and Alien Chicken Monster should sound like.

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