Friday, April 1, 2011

Where did my motivation go?

I am sitting in my craft room/office staring at the herd of pencil topper animals trying to get motivated, heck for anything. I should be cleaning house, working out, making some products, mowing the lawn, anything really, but I find that my motivation has fled the building after a long tussle of words with my daughter about picking up after herself so that I can vacuum.

I know every one struggles to get motivated from time to time. To find that inner spark that revs the engine, gets you to go. I thought I had that this morning. I was ready, with my long mental list of things to do and yeah, I managed to empty and then refill the dishwasher and wipe all of the counters and table down and then came the verbal battle with my four year old to clean up her couch pillow fort and put away toys so that I could vacuum. Some where near the end of that encounter I realized I was drained and all I really wanted to do was crawl into bed with my napping two year old and take a nap myself.

Instead of being tempted with sleep and leaving the four year old tornado unattended to further wreck the house I am in here staring at those pencil toppers thinking that their shelf really could use a good dusting and they may display better if I rearranged them a little. To be honest I would feel guilty climbing onto the treadmill that sits before this shelf just to dust it when I should be using that treadmill to run. So what little motivation was building to dust those poor pencil toppers quickly vanished with the reality that I am merely finding other less important things to do. Ugh! Motivation or not, I must pull myself up and move forward, crossing off those items from my mental list the best that I can.

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