Monday, April 25, 2011

Earrings for Remi

I am not much in the blogging mood but here is a quick look at  some earrings I am making for my four year old.  She loses them so quickly, we decided that we would just start making them as it is cheaper.  Sorry the pics are pretty dark.  Some days me and the camera just do not work.

A pink beaded set, and a thread crochet than beaded set.

Purple thread crochet than beaded with pink beads.
I actually created four sets last night but the last couple of pics of the pink beaded hoops were badly out of focus.

She is such a doll when she wants to be.

Remi happily showing off a pair of her new earrings that she loves.  She is also quick to tell me that I need to make a bunch more...okay then.

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