Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Small Sampling of Past Crocheted Assessories and Monster Dolls

I thought I would dig up some items I had crocheted in the past, specifically accessories and monster dolls.  I really don't have any recent items made except the Alien Monster Chicken, my Kindle cover and whatever has been listed on Etsy or FB at some earlier time.  I don't tend to keep much of what I crochet.  It is always sold or given as gifts as a rule so that I don't end up with scads and scads of crocheted items hanging around that I can not possibly use and love.  I live in the Florida Panhandle now....warm pretty much year round so I don't get to use my hats and scarves very often.   : ( I find this sad of course....miss Utah's winters.  Really, winter clothes are my favorite to wear.  I love bundling up and throwing on the hat, gloves and scarves.  Sadly I have lived in hot places the last six or so years.  Not too conducive to bundling.  Back on topic now. 

The brown and golden yellow pull bag (the colors of WMU), was crocheted back in high school around sophomore year I believe.  It is one of the first real projects I had done since I was six and got back into crochet.  I am self taught.  I figured at the time since I was going to learn to crochet again, might as well do some knitting, and tatting too. 

The two scarves by the white handbag with black handles are knit, one in a Tunisian stitch and the other just a sampler of stitches repeated.

The bright red, yellow and white pull bag was made about five or so years ago for my oldest munchkin but my youngest totes her toys around in it when we go out and about.

My favorite scarves are my multi scarves of several colors and stitches.  The mini one initially was going to be a bolero for my eldest girl but I miscounted and it came out a bit too large and so became a circle scarf for me.

The Monster dolls were all made for my girls and they love them to death, really, to death.  I have had to throw out some horribly tattered ones. 

The tentacle hat and faux-hawk hat behind it were created for my husband's short tour to Korea.  They were party hats and I have a few stupid pics of how much fun he had when out and about wearing them while hitting up the bars. 

I rarely use a pattern when I crochet.  I create my own and if I like it, I will reuse it.  That may be because I was self taught.  I used a book that was basically an encyclopedia of stitches, yarns , and hooks to teach myself.  I don't recall there being any patterns beyond some granny squares and flowers.  I am not afraid to experiment.  I have had some seriously bad attempts at creating stuff but they were a wonderful learning experience.  I think I have learned more from the mistakes than from the successes. 

When I sample something, generally I rip it out when finished and reuse the yarn but sometimes I find this hard to do and the samples are slowly being incorporated into a freeform wall hanging my mom has claimed dibs on.  I will have to dig it out and photograph it one of these days. 

Get out there, try something new, and don't be afraid to really screw up.  It is those screw ups that we seem to learn the most from.

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